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  • P.Unnikrishnan - Punnainallur[Jaya Jaya Sankari]@5DH
  • Sirkazhi Govindarajan - muruga un[Murugan_Vol_1_Sirkazhi Govindarajan]@5DH
  • ON AIR NOW - TamilKuyil FM ...
  • S.P.Balasubramanyam - Thirumalai Vasa[Perumal S.P.B]@5DH
  • Mahanadhi Shobana - Azhagan Muruganidam[Bakthichudar]@5DH
  • ON AIR NOW - TamilKuyil FM ...
  • Vani Jayaram - Ashtalingam[Sivamandiram S.P.B]@4DH


TamilKuyil Radio is a free 24/7 internet radio station that serves the community. It features comedy programmes and music contents from various genres, including pop, classical, dance, popular music and much more.

Main Programs

  • Relaxing Mix
  • Love Melodies
  • Hit Music of the 80's and 90's
  • Chill Out With a Cool Hits
  • Romantic Ballads
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