Radio City Tamil

91.1 FM

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Podcast with Server Sundaram MovieTeamLive
  • Podcast with Cheeyangal MovieTeam
  • Star Express Podcast with Singer Sanah Moidutty
  • Star Express Podcast with Na.Muthukumar Spl
  • Star Express Podcast with Lyricis Vairamuthu
  • Star Express Podcast with Director Darani Dharan
  • Crime Diary Podcast
  • Love Guru Calls 18
  • Love Guru Calls 16
  • Love Guru Calls 13
  • Love Guru Calls 11
  • Love Guru Calls 09
  • Love Guru Calls 06
  • Love Guru Calls 01
  • Love Guru Show


Broadcasting from India, this is a radio station that belongs to Planet Radio City. It broadcasts in Tamil language and its programming is dedicated to music contents, specially Tamil music.

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