Theophony FM


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Augustine Jebakumar - Deva JanamaeLive
  • Peter Richard - Anbe II - Yesuve Enakkintha
  • Pr.Vimal - Neer Enthan Thevai
  • Ebenezer - Parisuthar
  • Lucas Sekar - En Belanaagiya
  • Tam Iravu - Irul Soolntha Lohathil
  • FMPB - Avar Naamam Athisayam
  • Chandru - Ummayae
  • Peter Richard - Anbe II - Enthan Sithamalla
  • Wesley Maxwell - En Aathma


This is a non-profit Christian online radio that broadcasts from India in Tamil and English. Theophony FM is on air 24 hours a day, every day, spreading the word of the Lord.

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