Shaiva Lahari


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eng - dis-dakshinamurthy-stotra-explanation-part4Live
  • eng - dis-dakshinamurthy-stotra-explanaiton-part3
  • eng - dis-sn-org-six-darshanas-06-vedanta-159-bs-a1p4-s23bhamati-a1end-01
  • eng - dis-gplkrshn-veda-introductory-32-hindu-god-concept
  • Your Family Friend - veda-sama-17-vikrudi-pavamanam
  • hin - dis-ssp-kaivlaopanishad-18
  • hin - dis-ppssam-dakshinamurthy-stotra-25-1
  • hin - dis-ppmmssm-shivmahima-03-2
  • hin - dis-mmssagm-Shivananda-lahari-35-3
  • veda - shukla-yajur-17-adhy-mantr-21-51-to-23-29


This radio station is dedicated to the listeners associated with Lord Shiva, with programs that aim to spread teachings and practices from the Vedas, Shivagamas and Thirumurais. It is on air every day.

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