Kuvalai Tamil Radio


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Seerkaali Govindharajan - AbiramiAndhadhi - 1Live
  • 24-Sollavaviya - 24-Sollavaviya
  • 06-poiyadha - 06-poiyadha
  • 21-Nalla Marundhu - 21-Nalla Marundhu
  • 09-Ninainthu Ninainthu - 09-Ninainthu Ninainthu
  • 12-Vaanathin Meedhu - 12-Vaanathin Meedhu
  • Malaiyur Sadhasivam Arutpa Songs - Malaiyur Sadhasivam Arutpa Songs
  • 27-Thithikka Pesi - 27-Thithikka Pesi
  • 20-Innum parpala - 20-Innum parpala
  • Kuvalai Radio - படமுடியாதினித் துயரம்


Broadcasting in Tamil. The radio was created to promete and disseminate the culture and the language. Kuvalai Tamil Radio is on air 24 hours a day and 7 days a week non stop.


Tamil is my mother tongue


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