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Bhai Mohinder Singh SDO - 25 SDOLive
  • Bh. Apardeep Singh Jee (UK) - Chicago Smaagam August 2009
  • Bhai Preetam Singh Jee Anjaan - Pritam Singh Ji
  • Bhai Apardeep Singh Jee (U.K.)
  • Bhai Preetam Singh Jee Anjaan - 85 B Dr Pritam Singh Ji
  • Bhai Hardial Singh Jee Gurdaspur
  • Unknown - GSB
  • Bhai Tajinderpal Singh Jee Dulla - Jo Ban Jaiyendia
  • 137 A Doola Ji - 137 A Doola Ji
  • Bhai Apardeep Singh - Chicago Smaagam August 2009


AKJ is the acronym for Akhand Kirtani Jatha, a web radio station on air 24/7 broadcasting online since 1995. It plays Rain Sabai Kirtan, Akhand Paaths, Gatka, Sikhi Camps, youth outings, seminars and Sikhi classes.

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